Free Fiction: A Vee Christmas (Part 3 – Final!)

Check out the final part of A Vee Christmas, and see the excerpt below…

Vee nudges me awake. The weak winter sun is streaming into her room, but even its feeble light makes my eyes hurt. I groan.

“C’mon Alex, it’s Christmas!” Vee nudges me again.

“Not without water or aspirin,” I mutter, wishing I’d not had that last glass of wine. But the evening had been so much fun, and I’d enjoyed myself.

Vee lifts a glass from the night stand. “I thought of that,” she says. “Take your aspirin and then let’s go. Rob’s probably already down there.”

“What time is it?” I ask, sitting up in bed and taking the glass from her. She hands me two aspirin, and I knock them back.

“Seven thirty.”

“That’s too early.”

“Not at my house,” Vee replies. She’s dressed in her blue polka-dot footie pyjamas and her hair is sticking out at all angles. My pyjamas are much more sensible, a warm, modest plaid flannel. “Let’s go.”