Review: Hard Candy / Penny Candy, by Jade Buchanan

Coming home to Bandit Creek seemed like a good idea to Penny Anderson, especially after things start to rekindle with her old high school sweetheart and candy store owner, Craig Baxter. But, she can’t forget the other reason why she’s here… To finally discover the truth of her mother’s death so many years ago.

Penny Candy is the ‘sweeter’ version of Jade Buchanan’s double-header of stories, the latest release in the Bandit Creek series of novellas. This one is a more traditional romance, and I love the back and forth between Penny and Craig, and especially the promise of running wild in the candy store. Check it out at Amazon or Smashwords.

Penny Anderson is sick of the questions that keep running around inside her head. Coming home to Bandit Creek is her opportunity to find out the truth of her mother’s death, as well as to discover if the flame still burns brightly for her high school sweetheart. Only, she never reckoned on the unexpected lust for not one, but two men. Craig Baxter and Douglas McKenzie have their sights set on Penny and they aren’t about to let her go.

Feel like something a bit more naughty? This novella takes the storyline of Penny Candy and adds some more spice for those who like their romances extra hot. A delicious ménage makes this a great read. Check it out at Amazon or Smashwords.