Book review: Haunting Warrior

…by Erin Quinn. (twitter, website)

This is the second of Erin Quinn’s series (the first was Haunting Beauty, the third and upcoming is Haunting Desire).

I am nearly always wary of novels with time travel, particularly ones with a more romantic bent, as many seem to fall flat. The best of that particular niche, in my opinion, is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Haunting Warrior ranks close, as the quality of writing is high and the story is immediately engaging.

Rory McGrath is a man out-of-place: he lives and works in California and has not been back to his Irish homeland since he left at age 12 as a troubled youngster. Dreams of a beautiful woman and a visitation from a dead relative draw him back home, where he is lured into a cavern below the castle ruins, and transported back in time. His dreams have become flesh, but whether she is his ruin or his salvation remains to be seen.

I was immediately drawn into the story and I was unable to put this book down. If I hadn’t had to work, I would have finished it easily within 24hrs of cracking it open. The characters are engaging and the plot is solidly entertaining. Erin Quinn’s ideas on how and why Rory goes back in time are more original than most time travel stories, but I’m not even going to whisper any details so as not to give it all away.

This book is a fun indulgence you shouldn’t pass up if you like historical, or time travel, or both.

Star rating: 4 of 5