The Literary Cemetery

I’ve been browsing the blog for the Literary Cemetery, which catalogues (with photos) the death and burial information for literary personalities. As with all such things, it’s a work in progress (and I will admit to being disappointed that there was nothing for Lord Byron). However, a good cross-section of French writers are there, including Sartre, Camus, Victor Hugo, and others. I’ve made a list, so I can decide which cemetery(ies) to visit next year.


Link Round-up: What caught my eye

Here are some of the articles I’ve been reading this week, about writing and other topics. I try to read for breadth as well as depth, and some weeks it’s more about breadth! Below are a few of my favourites this week:


Quick Links, December 12 2011

Some of what I’ve read this week past:

Do you have any sites or blogs you’d recommend?

Blog Post Round-up: Some of my favourite links

I’ve been working on a new short story, as well as catching up on all the reading I neglected while writing my first draft. I don’t have much for a blog post today, but I wanted to post links to a few of my favourite writing-related blogs.

  • Fiction Groupie, by Roni Loren. She writes great posts on query letters, conferences she’s been to, and all sorts of great information for writers.
  • Nathan Bransford’s blog. I especially like his posts regarding ebooks and the reasons behind their pricing. The geek in me is fascinated.
  • PubRants by Kristin Nelson, of the Nelson Agency. A great place to find out information on the publishing world from an agent’s point of view. (Plus she has a great sense of humour – check out her post on the best query they ever received.)
  • Danish Accent, the blog of Danish author Peter H. Fogtdal, a witty and funny author whose posts never fail to make me giggle. Plus, his book ‘The Tsar’s Dwarf’ is excellent.

I visit most of these blogs several times weekly and I never fail to be impressed and informed. Check them out!