#LoveSpanks is here! Read “Just Chaps” & enter to win prizes!

Love Spanks 2015 is here! 

Spanks-Lovespanks-2015-wnames-750x1125 The rules, in brief (full version here):

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  2. Visit all 17 blogs and leave a high-quality comment responding to the story content. Deadline: Midnight EST (UTC-5) Sunday, February 8
  3. Add VIP, FF (F/F author), A (non-F/F author), or Amb (Ambassador) to your comments
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  5. Prize announcements Saturday, February 14!

For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit Governing Ana(main page) or Love Spanks 2015 (announcement page) 

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Love Spanks is over for now, but you can check out the anthology, for just 99 cents! It’s available on Amazon as of Feb 14th 🙂

Betting on Love 300 DPIWant more of Alex and Elly? Find out how they first met in the short story, BETTING THE FARM, and read the tale of their romance in the newly released BETTING ON LOVE, from Bold Strokes Books. (buy on Amazon)

Land poor, Elly leaves the family farm and heads to the big city to become something better than a waitress in a small-town diner. Though she’s succumbed to economic necessity and the siren song of her one-time lover, Alex, she can’t bear to give up the farm that has been in her family for generations. As much as she wants to, she can’t have everything she desires, and she’ll have to decide what is more important: the past or the future.

Alex has always been a daredevil, up for anything, never tying herself down to anyone. When she falls head over heels for quiet Elly, everyone’s surprised, no one more than her best friend and occasional lover, Will. As things heat up between them, Elly must choose between her past and her future, and Alex is faced with a decision that will shake her to the core of all she holds dear.

About Alyssa Linn Palmer
Alyssa Linn Palmer is a Canadian writer and freelance editor. She splits her time between a full-time day job, and her part-time loves, writing and editing. She is a member of the RWA, the Calgary RWA, and RRW (Rainbow Romance Writers). She has a passion for Paris and all things French, which is reflected in her writing. When she’s not writing lesbian romance, she’s creating the dark, morally flawed characters of the LE CHAT ROUGE series and indulging in her addictions to classic pulp fiction. Her next book, BETTING ON LOVE, will be released in February 2015. You can find her online at www.alyssalinnpalmer.com, or on Twitter @alyslinn.

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