July is Poetry Month! Paris in the rain…

Inspired by Amanda, of course, who wrote her own poem about Paris in the rain. 🙂

Muted light through the skylight,
The patter of rain on glass,
Pigeons cooing.

Warm under the thick duvet,
This lazy Paris morning of
My vacation.

Ready for a day of walking,
Scarf around my neck,
Umbrella open.

A café crème at the café,
The waiters turn the heaters on,
Smoke-filled terrace.

At Trocadero, the souvenir sellers are not deterred
But they huddle in their coats,
Soaked through.

Time for a second café crème,
A good book on the table,
Settled in.

July is Poetry Month!

As so decreed by my cousin Amanda (of the excellent blog, Plausible Prosetry).

Her poem for today (a limerick) is here: https://amandasobierajski.wordpress.com/2015/06/30/u-r-my-typus/

And my poem for today is this one, below. (Amanda’s writing one every day, but I’m writing only as many as I can manage this month.)

Whilst trying to sleep and failing.

Magpie sitting on the balcony rail
Squawking to raise the dead.
Wonder if he’d change his tune
If I let the cat out?