Getting used to pitching my book.

I’ve attended more than a few Christmas parties and gatherings in the last month – probably too many. And one thing I’ve learned is that I need to carry business cards (promoting my blog) with me at all times. Also, the pitch for my novel will get a massive workout.

Discussing my book with friends and strangers has been easier than discussing it with family. Family are excited, but the moment I say ‘erotic fiction’, the squirming begins. I might have a few takers, but definitely lots of love to my grandfather for saying that he’ll read it, but he might find it a bit weird.

Christmas parties with friends this year have turned into actual networking opportunities, as I was fortunate to meet a few other writers (television, mostly) and talk shop. At the one party I’m pretty sure that I repeated my pitch at least a dozen times over the course of the evening. That has helped in refining what bits work and what bits don’t catch much interest. (Using ‘Parisian cabaret singer’ has gone over better as it helps to set the scene as well as identify the character. The phrase ‘seducing a young Canadian student’ is nearly always awkward, and I’m going to have to figure out something better.)

This week I’m off work, so I plan to get as much writing done as I can. I’d like to finish the chapter I’m working on and start on the next. I hardly wrote anything over Christmas and I need to get back at it.

And a bit of a plug, just before the new year…
I learned a lot from the Calgary Public Library’s Writer in Residence this fall, the very awesome Gail Bowen. I’d recommend her books if you’re a fan of mystery novels, and her blog is a fun read!