I’m blogging today for 30 Days of Secrets!

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Here’s a quick excerpt:

What kind of secrets do I keep?

Things that people tell me. Sometimes they’re little things, passing comments. Other times, they’re big.

To someone else, the biggest secret might seem small, but to the teller, it could be the most immense, life-changing fact of all time.  A secret shame, of not being able to resist temptation. A secret love, of the woman she’s always fancied, though she can hardly dare to let anyone think she’s not straight. A secret fear, of failing at a new job.

Being someone’s confidante can be a tenuous balance, knowing when to give advice, and when to just listen. A confidante doesn’t judge the teller’s actions unless those actions hurt someone else. A confidante provides reassurance. A confidante gives advice if it’s asked for.

Do you have a confidante?

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