Old Harlequin romance novels.

Picked up a few old Harlequin romances at work today. (They were sitting forlornly in the lunchroom, ignored and dusty.) I am rather amused by the titles and the covers. Both are Mills & Boon reprints. Did early HQN establish themselves by getting North American rights to Mills & Boon novels?

Trying to get away from a "problem" man in London, Maggie took a job as receptionist in a luxury hotel in Jersey. But the first person she met was a man who was even more of a problem, a rebel who laughed at everything she thought important. Could she ignore him?

Not quite sure what they’re going for here. No pirates in the traditional sense, at least not from the blurb (or the cover, for that matter.) And since when were pirates ‘darling’? I could see ‘daring’, but ‘darling’ is a bit odd.

Lynn loved Keith Donnelly and disliked Brett Paterson. But unfortunately she found herself trapped into the position of having to work for Brett, who was responsible for everything that had gone wrong for Keith.

Dreadful back cover blurb. Who starts a sentence with ‘But unfortunately…’?

These two books will be my bedtime reading for the next night or two. I can hardly wait. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Old Harlequin romance novels.

  1. I start lots of sentences with “but unfortunately”. But unfortunately, I suspect this might be a problem.

    • People can do it, but book blurbs could be a little better 😉

      I’ll review them when I’ve finished. Fingers crossed they’re not utterly dull.

  2. This is so funny. I am in my late 50″s and read both of these books (as well as dozens of others by Harlequin) when I was a teenager! At the time they seemed risque – but compared to today’s standards and technologies etc. a grade schooler could probably read and understand them!

    • In this stack I’d had, I also had a few from the 80s, and even the difference there, from the early ones to the 80s, was like night and day. These days, I think only the Inspired category romance line is anything close to these originals. 🙂
      Did you have a favourite book that you liked to re-read?

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