David Bowie is 64 today.

Not that this really matters to anyone, but I’ve been a Bowie fan for most of my life. Being a fan of his music and films has also led the way to learning about other artists and musicians: Brian Eno (see below), Walter Tevis, Catherine Deneuve, Mick Ronson, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, the Velvet Underground… the list goes on.

Not only have I learned about culture, I’ve also met many other Bowie fans from around the world. Some of them I have known for fifteen years and I consider them very good friends.

And that reminds me – if it hadn’t been for David Bowie and his Telling Lies single release online (Sept 11/96, the first ever downloadable single by a major artist, according to Wikipedia), I wouldn’t have been a denizen of the internet for so long.

Happy 64th Birthday David Bowie!

2 thoughts on “David Bowie is 64 today.

  1. You are flamingly artsy fartsy, aren’t you? I KNEW it! I bet you went to a Heart of Darkness party in college and knew to dress up as Martin Sheen. Not me, I just knew to take alot of weed.

    • I had to google Heart of Darkness and Martin Sheen to figure out what you meant. 🙂 I don’t think that was quite my time.

      I did do a BFA at university, and my elective courses were English, philosophy, women’s studies, etc. … I gained myself a ‘liberal arts’ degree, if anything. So yes, in my heart of hearts, I am flamingly artsy fartsy. 😉

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