Book Review: Mere Passion (and Mere Temptation)

…by Daisy Harris. (twitter, website)

This set of eBooks are the first of a series called Ocean Shifters and are set in an alternate universe, where mermaids (mere) and dragons (among others) live in our world. The first book, Mere Temptation, follows Isa, a mere woman who has to decide whether she wants to mate with a human (and live among humans forever) or become a full mere. Her best friend and lover, Sidon, is a dragon whose job it is to watch over the colony of mere. The drama begins when Isa returns to Key Sirena, and intensifies when it is found that a research vessel is capturing mere for experiments.

It took me a chapter or two to manage to understand the alternate universe that Daisy created, but it became easier as the story went on. Isa & Sidon’s story was the main thrust of the book, but there was also a subplot involving the research ship’s captain and his lover, a succubus. I would have liked to see a bit more of this subplot, as it created so many possibilities.

Mere Passion is the second book, and it follows a strait-laced dragon general named Kai Nasu as he helps a mere habitat in the north (near Norway). The research vessel and ship’s captain and the succubus have returned in this second story, to my delight. This very neatly ties the two stories together. The story ramps up the drama, and the stakes are higher as mere are being snatched and used for testing. Princess Alara, the leader of the mere military on the island, has to find out why they are being taken. Her father, the leader, enlists the help of dragons, to her dismay. What Alara doesn’t expect is to have an attraction to Kai. The additional complications (which shall remain unrevealed in case of spoilers) aside from their stormy attraction set the entire mere settlement in jeopardy.

The tale is engaging and there were times where I really had concern for the characters. Their situation seemed incredibly perilous and I wondered how things were going to turn out. Both Kai and Alara came from very set ideas of how they should act and what they should be doing and it seemed very unlikely that they were going to manage to set those ideas aside. These books are perfect for people who like their romance with a hefty slice of fantasy and alternate universe.

My only complaint about the books is that they don’t seem long enough for the stories they are telling. I’d love to see a longer work from Daisy Harris, and I hope that her next work will indulge my need for length.

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Mere Temptation, at Bookstrand, $4.99
Mere Passion, at Bookstrand, $5.99

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars.