Book Review: Caught in Amber, by Cathy Pegau

Caught in AmberCaught in Amber by Cathy Pegau

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic sci-fi romance. One of my very favourites of all time.

Reformed drug addict Sasha is out of rehab and trying to get along on her own, and trying to stay clear of amber. After all, amber’s what got her in trouble in the first place: living the high life (pun intended) with top drug dealer Guy Christiansen. Trouble is, staying clear is easier said than done. Agent Nathan Sterling (briefly seen in Pegau’s previous work, Rulebreaker) needs Sasha’s help. In exchange for releasing her from parole, deactivating the chip in her neck, and even helping her get offworld, he needs her to get him into Christiansen’s circle to save his younger sister, now an amber addict.

From the first page, I was immediately captivated by Sasha, and stayed that way for the entire story. And from reading Rulebreaker, I’d been curious about Nathan Sterling, and for him to get his own book (so to speak), I could hardly wait to read.

Even if you’re not a big fan of sci-fi, you really should read Caught in Amber. Pegau’s world building is impressive, and I can promise you that you won’t be able to put this book down.

Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

One of my favourite Doctor Who actresses of all time has passed away. Elisabeth Sladen died of cancer at age 63.

She played the role of Sarah Jane Smith, one of the Doctor’s assistants, and then had her own spin-off series recently, The Sarah Jane Adventures. She accompanied Doctors 3 & 4 (Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker) and showed up for appearances in the newest iteration of the show, opposite David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Many of my favourite older episodes are ones with Lis Sladen, and I can hardly imagine a Doctor Who series without her. Sarah Jane had a great deal of strength and I think she was one of the Doctor’s best companions.

I think this weekend I shall be re-watching some of my favourite episodes, in tribute to Lis Sladen.

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