More Beauvoir for my collection!

The University of Illinois Press has just released a new volume in their Simone de Beauvoir series! I can hardly wait to start reading her Political Writings, though they will have to wait until I have finished reading the biography written by Deirdre Bair.

I’ve already read her essay on the Marquis de Sade (and own it in paperback), but I am really looking forward to reading the transcription of the documentary film ‘A Walk Through the Land of Old Age’. I haven’t yet been able to manage to finish reading her book on Old Age, though it sits patiently waiting for me to pick it up again.

I’m really impressed with the University of Illinois for releasing the books in the Beauvoir series, and for the impressive scholarship and work put into the series by the main editor, Margaret A. Simons. I only wish I had such dedication.