OMG: Julian Sands

This post is completely off-topic from my usual sort of thing, but I just have to post it. Those of you who know me on Facebook or Twitter have heard the story, but I’m going to tell it one more time. Maybe posting it on my blog will make it seem just a bit more real, and not some sort of daydream.

Last Saturday, I attended the AGM and workshops for my local RWA chapter (CaRWA). During one of the workshops, my friend Julie called. She was at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Of course, I didn’t want to answer, since that would be rude. However, my curiosity got the better of me and when my phone flashed to voicemail, I couldn’t resist checking. Here is what it said:

Hello Alyssa, this is Julian Sands. I’ve just signed a poster to you and I’ve put a couple of kisses. If you’d been here I might have put a couple more. Anyway, you have a great weekend, I know you’re at a writer’s conference. Bye-bye.

If I hadn’t been sitting down, I might have fallen over in surprise.

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