Guest Blogging: Nude modelling, and win a copy of THE ARTIST’S MUSE

Today I’m guest blogging over at Women & Words, hosted by the lovely Jove Bell.

When I took my art degree, I was always the artist, and never the model. We had many, throughout the various classes, the various disciplines, in all shapes and sizes, and occasionally I used to wonder, What does a model think about? It can be an awfully long time to pose, and once that pose is set, one’s mind would surely wander.

I could never get up the courage to apply to be a life model. Not that I mind being naked in itself, but just the idea of being naked in front of an entire class had me quaking in my Converses. Never mind the actual having to pose part of the equation. What do I know of poses? But occasionally, I’d consider what it might be like, to have my image transferred onto paper or canvas, by charcoal or paints. Not egotistical enough to consider myself being immortalized, though. ;)

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