Book Review: The SEAL’s Valentine, by Laura Marie Altom

The SEAL's ValentineThe SEAL’s Valentine by Laura Marie Altom

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The moment off-duty navy SEAL Tristan Bartoni meets feisty yet vulnerable Brynn Langtoine, he’s a goner. He sure didn’t have plans to be attracted to a recently widowed pregnant woman who is already mother to a troubled, grieving young son. Nope, the struggling SEAL came home to Ruin Bayou, Louisiana, to finally deal with his haunting past decisions-not to start a new relationship. 

Brynn has enough problems without her hormones going crazy whenever Tristan is near. Her son, Cayden, constantly lashes out at her. Her baby will be fatherless. So…what does Tristan think he’s doing, making her life even more topsy-turvy than it already is? 

But when it comes to putting her heart on the line, who could be more trustworthy than a Navy SEAL?

My knowledge of the US military and its different branches is scant, reliant as it is on films and television dramas (i.e. Generation Kill, etc.), so I can’t really speak to that side of things. Fortunately, as it is a romance, I don’t have to. 😉

I found both main characters to be interesting, and their wounds and backstories were compelling. Brynn’s more than Tristan’s though, to be honest, as somehow I would expect a military guy often away might have marital troubles.

Truth be told, I picked up this book because I wanted a love story. And it delivered. It was easy to root for Brynn and Tristan, and I loved how their relationship grew, and how the author made sure that Brynn’s son was a strong part of the narrative. It’s a good, romantic read, especially to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

(copy provided by Netgalley).

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