The best bookstore.

imageFoyle’s is quite possibly my favourite bookstore ever (with the exception of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, for obvious reasons). I could browse there for weeks and never see everything. You may be surprised that I only came out of there with one book (a biography about Sartre & Beauvoir, and their relationships with others), but I didn’t have too much suitcase space to spare. But, even better was that I finally met the most excellent Aleksandr Voinov. 🙂

More posts about my trip will be forthcoming!

Doctor Who’s Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

One of my favourite Doctor Who actresses of all time has passed away. Elisabeth Sladen died of cancer at age 63.

She played the role of Sarah Jane Smith, one of the Doctor’s assistants, and then had her own spin-off series recently, The Sarah Jane Adventures. She accompanied Doctors 3 & 4 (Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker) and showed up for appearances in the newest iteration of the show, opposite David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Many of my favourite older episodes are ones with Lis Sladen, and I can hardly imagine a Doctor Who series without her. Sarah Jane had a great deal of strength and I think she was one of the Doctor’s best companions.

I think this weekend I shall be re-watching some of my favourite episodes, in tribute to Lis Sladen.

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