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Betting on Love by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Betting on Love

by Alyssa Linn Palmer

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Free Fiction: A Vee Christmas (Part 3 – Final!)

Check out the final part of A Vee Christmas, and see the excerpt below…

Vee nudges me awake. The weak winter sun is streaming into her room, but even its feeble light makes my eyes hurt. I groan.

“C’mon Alex, it’s Christmas!” Vee nudges me again.

“Not without water or aspirin,” I mutter, wishing I’d not had that last glass of wine. But the evening had been so much fun, and I’d enjoyed myself.

Vee lifts a glass from the night stand. “I thought of that,” she says. “Take your aspirin and then let’s go. Rob’s probably already down there.”

“What time is it?” I ask, sitting up in bed and taking the glass from her. She hands me two aspirin, and I knock them back.

“Seven thirty.”

“That’s too early.”

“Not at my house,” Vee replies. She’s dressed in her blue polka-dot footie pyjamas and her hair is sticking out at all angles. My pyjamas are much more sensible, a warm, modest plaid flannel. “Let’s go.”

Vee (Vol. 1) is free on Kindle until the 28th!

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“Sylvia, my brightest star, my desire. My lust, my soul.

“She was Lia to her co-workers at the bookstore, Sylvia to her mother, who clicked her tongue disapprovingly at her bright blue and hair and her Monroe stud. But to me, she was simply Vee.”

Vee: Vol. 1

In Alex’s notebooks, the story of Vee unfolds, from their first kiss, their first date, and the moments in between. It’s a May-December romance between a former punk girl gone con

servative, and a gamine young woman in combat boots and fishnets. They find each other on the streets of New York City and it’s love at first sight.

These are short collections of stories. Along with the free reads from this site, there are new, unreleased stories, and occasionally short fiction that was first available in various anthologies.

Volume 1:

Vee (from FELT TIPS)
Heart of Glass
Birdland (I)
Birdland (II)
Vee’s Notebook (from ANYTHING SHE WANTS)

ISBN-13 (Kindle): 978-0-9920065-5-6


New Free Fiction! A Vee Christmas (Part 1)

Here’s a taste, and check out the rest at A Vee Christmas (Part 1):

Vee’s sitting by the fire in my favorite leather chair as I come out from the bedroom. She’s stretched her feet out, getting as close to the heat as she can. After the snow the other day, she’s been miserable, complaining about soaking her feet in the slush on her way to and from work, about the crush of Christmas shoppers, and having to mop the floor every hour. Now she’s quiet, holding a cup of coffee, her eyelids drooping. I almost hate to disturb her, but I’ve had this idea in my head all day.

“Let’s go out, Vee,” I say softly, coming to run my fingers through her red and green streaked hair. She did it for the holiday, but also to piss off her boss, who always fussed about her ‘abnormal and disgusting’ hair colors. I think it’s cute, and it’s the most holiday spirit Vee’s shown all month.

 Part 2 is coming soon!

New Release! Vee’s Notebook in ‘Anything She Wants’

AnythingSheWants_HB_final_400My short story ‘Vee’s Notebook’, a continuation of the story begun in the FELT TIPS anthology, and in the free reads on my site, is released today in the anthology ANYTHING SHE WANTS, published by LadyLit.

Check out the full table of contents on their site, and pop over to Amazon to pick it up. All 12 stories in the collection are great!

It will be on as a free promo starting today, for four days, so this is your chance!

Here’s the blurb:

In the office, on the set of a movie or on the bathroom floor, the ladies in this anthology don’t care where they get it on. Power play, first time encounters and office rivalry get the characters in these twelve stories so riled up, the only way to go is down and dirty. Tales of spanking, a wild all-female college party and a waitress with a strap-on grace the pages of Ladylit’s first multi-author lesbian erotica anthology.

Caution: Reading ‘Anything She Wants’ will make you wet!

Stories by Kay Jaybee, Laila Blake, Lucy Felthouse, Erzabet Bishop, Sarah Ellen, L.C. Spoering, Vanessa de Sade, Kelly Lawrence, Giselle Renarde, Alyssa Linn Palmer, Ariel Graham and Harper Bliss.