New! The Artist’s Muse re-release, with new cover and extras!

The Artist's MuseI’m delighted to announce that The Artist’s Muse, a f/f novella set in Paris, has been re-released with a new cover, and some new material!

(While this novella is only tangentially related to the Le Chat Rouge series, there is a brief cameo by Sera Durand, the torch singer and protagonist of The Paris Game and The London Game.)

Broke and desperate after her girlfriend leaves her for a man, Colette finds a job as an artist’s model. When she arrives for an interview, she’s surprised to meet a striking young woman, Lise Beauclerc. Her relief at not having to pose for a man turns to infatuation as she observes Lise during their sessions, creating fantasies in her mind during the hours she poses.

Colette has no idea if Lise would return her affections, and when she finally gets up the courage to ask her out, their connection is more than she’d ever hoped for. However, a few days later, Lise introduces her to Marcel, her former fiancé. They seem intimately involved, and Colette is devastated. Will her dreams of Lise be unrequited?

ISBN: 978-1-928098-15-7
Price: $2.99

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