Food: Crêpes, my favourite breakfast.


How can I explain how much I love crêpes? Perhaps it’s enough to say that I love them enough that I wish I could eat them every day, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As a kid, crêpes were the sort of thing we got as a special Sunday brunch treat (or on request for a birthday breakfast, which is what inspired me to write this post, given that it is my birthday and I had crêpes for breakfast.)

When I was in Paris, one of my favourite snacks was to grab a crêpe from a crêperie as we took in the sights. And crêpes go well with a bottle of apple cider, sitting on a terrace of a café in Montmartre.

Even once I went gluten-free, I have still been able to have crêpes. I just use GF flour instead of wheat flour. Thanks to the Gluten-Free Girl’s blog, I now have an easy way to make crêpe batter. It’s an easy method based on ratios (2 parts liquid, 2 parts egg, 1 part flour). To make one crêpe (using a cast-iron crêpe pan, not the electric ones where you dip them into the batter), you need:

1 egg
1 ounce of flour
2 ounces of milk
a dash of salt

Whisk these together and pour them onto the heated crêpe pan. Flip the crêpe when it’s ready, and then put it on a plate and fill it with Nutella, raspberries (what I ate today for breakfast), or whatever your heart desires. (If you’re using GF flour, you can use a flour mix, or simply pick your favourite. I especially like crêpes done with sorghum flour mixed with a bit of tapioca starch.)

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    • I went gluten free last year, probably around mid-November or thereabouts. It was a bit hard at first, but I’m pretty used to it by now. I don’t really miss pasta, though I used to eat a lot of it. Probably the hardest part is going to restaurants and having to be careful, because something might look gluten-free from the ingredients listed on the menu, and then when you ask, there’s something in the sauce (or whatever) that has gluten in it. And going to family gatherings can suck, as the majority of people have no idea what’s GF and what isn’t.

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