I’m interviewed over at Bandit Creek Books today. Go check it out if you have a minute. I’m talking about my novella, PROHIBITED PASSION, and about alcohol, history, and gangsters.

Also, if you’re a Facebook user, come join the event page for my virtual launch on January 15th! There’s a chance to win a copy of my book:

David Bowie is 65.

Expect me to do this every year, because I’ve been a fan of David Bowie since I was a kid, and I doubt I’ll ever stop. Though he hasn’t put out any new music since 2003-4, I keep hoping.

So here’s to another year, DB, and many more. Happy 65th!


Music: Anna Calvi, one of my favourite new artists

Prior to the shortlist of this year’s Mercury prize, I’d never heard of Anna Calvi. I downloaded her self-titled album and put it on while I was writing… and I had to stop writing and listen. Her voice reminds me a bit of PJ Harvey, and there’s something about how the songs slide into one another; you’re never quite sure where one ended and the next began.

It isn’t a long record; 10 songs and 40 minutes. At the moment it’s close to becoming the theme music for my work-in-progress, THE ORPHEUS.