2011: My Year in Review

2011 was huge.

I finished my novel THE PARIS GAME, all 82,000 words of it. (Still submitting it, but hopefully someone will bite in the new year!)

I joined the Calgary chapter of RWA in March after meeting some of the members at a library Writers’ Weekend in February. This group has been essential in my writing development. Plus, they’re all awesome people and tons of fun to hang out with. The monthly meetings are great, and the workshops this year have been fantastic. Mary Buckham taught at our spring workshop, and super-agent Deidre Knight, and HQN editor Emily Ohanjanians spoke at the fall workshop.

I met Julian Sands. I don’t make a habit of meeting actors and others I admire. I always worry that they’ll be jerks and I’ll be totally turned off their work from then on, but Julian was sweet. I still look at the photo and grin.

I went to RWA Nationals in NYC. Talk about overwhelming! So many writers, so many workshops, and so much fun. I met my longtime online friend Tiffany Reisz, and got to know lots of others from Twitter. I pitched for the first time. I met Maggie Shayne, and Eileen Dreyer, and heard Diana Gabaldon speak.

I became part of a group of authors, forming the Bandit Creek Books project. Best of all, my novella PROHIBITED PASSION comes out on January 15th, 2012!

I don’t tend to make resolutions, but in the new year, I hope to sell THE PARIS GAME, finish another novel, write a couple of novellas, and improve my writing (as always).

5 thoughts on “2011: My Year in Review

  1. Congrats on all of your 2011 accomplishments. Excited to see what 2012 brings, and I cannot wait to read THE PARIS GAME!!! Fingers crossed for your submissions!

    • Thanks Juliette! I’m really hoping that PARIS GAME will get picked up. I’m rather fond of it, especially since it’s set in my favourite city of all time. Fingers crossed!

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