Guest Post: There’s Something About a Mask, by Anya Winter

When I read The Mask, I had to have Anya Winter come on to the blog for a chat. Her erotic romances are full of sensuality… and food! Especially chocolate. I love them for their hot storylines and for their recipes.

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There’s something about a mask that captures the imagination.

Think about it. When you wear a mask, you become someone new. Usually, it’s that person deep down inside that you’ve always wanted to be that comes out. Or maybe its a new persona you want to test. Maybe there’s a secret longing or a hidden desire that needs a mask?

There’s something so sinfully delicious about wearing a mask. The thought excites me. The possibilities are endless about who I can become, or rather – what aspects of ‘me’ can come out. There’s a false sense of security, anonymity when you wear a mask. Which can also be its downfall.

That’s what happens to my characters in book 2 of the Masquerade Series. Eve Manor is a pastry chef with hidden passions. She thinks the anonymity behind her mask has kept her safe while trying to combine her passion for food with her more ‘inner’ passions. But fortunately, Christian Grier sees past the facade and falls in love. Except, he’s wearing a mask as well and the consequences are a tad bit higher if his secret gets out. As the editor-in-chief of a foodie magazine, it wouldn’t be favorable if work go out that he was also part owner of a ‘fetish’ club.

I enjoyed exploring the aspect of wearing a facade and how the protection we seek isn’t always there. The reality is – the mask only does one thing – shows our true character. It’s how we embrace those aspects of ourselves that really matter.

You can find out more about Eve and Christian and The Mask here.

I would love to know your thoughts on wearing masks. Visit me at and share your thoughts. I’ll be giving away a mask made in Venice – the one that I used as my inspiration for this story.

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  1. I can’t think of a time when I’ve work a mask other than Halloween as a kid, but I love the scene in the Kristen Dunst version of Marie Antoinette when they sneak off to the ball wearing masks. It is a total sexy circus.

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