Guest Post: Anya Winter – Finding the Passion

The Master, by Anya WinterThere’s one thing we can all agree on. Without the passion there is no story.

Without the passion, we might as well close the book, turn off our e-readers and watch the news.


Have you ever tried to live a passionless life? It’s not easy. There’s an innate need with us women (sorry boys, but I’m ignoring you) for passion. We need it. Thrive on it. If we don’t have it then we’ll start searching for it. We’re happier when we are passionate about something – and let’s face it, a happy woman is a sexy woman.

I’ve noticed something lately in many of the erotic romance stories I’ve been reading. Whether they are BDSM or just erotica, the sexy, sensual heroine is not the normal Barbie type figure. Can we say AMEN to that? I love that the heroine is one who is scarred, carrying a few too many extra pounds, tattooed or even has a lisp. The writers have taken an average woman, someone we can relate to and have shown us the sensual side. The side that we don’t often think is possible. The side that we don’t think others can see.

That’s the type of woman we crave. Desire. Want.

That’s the type of woman I am. How about you?

It’s not hard. You find something that you can be passionate about and give yourself the freedom. I am a complex woman (just ask my husband), but there are a few things in my life that I am passionate about. Chocolate is one. Sex is another, and please don’t forget the writing. Combine them and you have a dangerous combination! 🙂 When you give yourself the freedom to be passionate about something that is important to you – whether it’s your career, your family, your body, your hobbies … that sensual side that you always hid comes out. How? It’s in your demeanor. Your actions. Your words. Your body betrays you and starts to glow, shine and be full of life.

For me, that’s the secret in writing passion into stories. It’s not just in the sex. As a writer, when we focus on pouring passion into every scene, that’s when the characters come alive. That’s when the readers are engaged. That’s when we know we’ve done our job.
And that’s when I break out the chocolate 😉

Steena Holmes writes her steamy romances full of chocolate and passion as Anya Winter. Find her on Twitter @SteenaHolmes or for her passionate side as @AnyaWinter. Her website: and Anya’s Home Page: (erotic images/NSFW).

Her work The Blindfold, a short erotic story, is available on Amazon or Smashwords. Her newest release is The Master – where you’re sure to crave chocolate afterwards!