Writing habits

What are your writing habits?

I’ve become fairly dedicated in my own habits since I redid my entire novel outline and came up with the New Plan. My week goes like this:

Monday to Friday: 1hr per night, usually between 7-8pm, for four of the five days. (It never fails that one of the five ends up being busy for one reason or another.)
Weekends: 2hrs daily, usually between 8-10am (before I make any commitments to my day), with more in the afternoons/evenings if I have time.

I’d like to write more during the week, but household chores, dinner, and cats keep me from doing much more. I also take some time every night to catch up on Twitter, blogs and news. I can hardly wait until the Christmas holidays because I have managed to have 11 days off in a row, and I hope to get a lot of writing done (around all the family stuff.)

2 thoughts on “Writing habits

  1. I write in spurts. Gross, huh? I will write 5000-6000 words in one day and then take two-three days off to recover, edit, and outline the next chapter. Then I’ll write another 5K to 6K chunk. With this system, I can write 10K to 15K in a week when I’m concentrating.

    I’ve discovered if I pair OmmWriter with an online EggTimer I get a ton more written. I’ll set the time for 10 minutes, open OmmWriter and write until the timer goes off. Then I can check email, whatever, for a few minutes. Reset the time, write, break. I concentrate better in small segments.

    Tiffany Reisz!

    • Depending on my productivity level, I seem to be managing several thousand words a week. Since I started the rewrite, I’ve done about 22K~. I’ve found that I work better if I stay off the computer for the first draft; there are less distractions and I find that I write more clearly and precisely when I’m doing it longhand. I’d probably have to unplug my cable modem to get writing done on the laptop otherwise. (I love editing on the computer though – it’s so nice to be able to copy/paste/change with no fuss.)

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