I joined a writing club.

The city library has a creative writing club. It’s something I didn’t know about until I went looking at the program brochure for the fall, but apparently it’s been running for several years.

Though nervous, I signed up. I didn’t know what to expect but so far I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve only missed one session (due to the election). Each session includes a writing exercise (30mins) and sharing what you’ve written with the group. Sometimes I find the exercise easy (when we had to write a fairytale), and other times I find it quite difficult (writing about something that was on a random section of map we were given). Even if I have trouble with the exercise, I always try to write something, and then share. It’s a pretty non-judgmental place.

I’m not sure how many other people in the group are working on books. I know one lady is working on a memoir. I didn’t say that I was working on a novel, but rather that I was looking toward publication as a goal. We’ve yet to have the opportunity to read from work that we’ve completed outside the writing club, so I haven’t had a chance to share any of my material. I would like to share some of it (though not the sex scenes because I think I’d feel uncomfortable reading those aloud to the group) and see what the general reaction might be.

The writing club runs till mid-December, then starts up again in the new year. It’s twice a month on Mondays, so it doesn’t cut into my regular writing time too much.