Bienvenue and welcome.

Consider this my foray into Web 2.0 as I work on my novel. I keep reading about securing my ‘brand’, but as “alyssapalmer” and “” were taken, I’m using “alyssalinnpalmer” instead. Take that, people with my name!

So…. the novel.

A chanteuse and an art thief wager over the innocence of a young traveller.

I was going to say “A French chanteuse”, but it seemed a bit redundant. Though I wonder if it would be helpful for those who have no knowledge whatsoever of French? I’ve been trying out both on friends and family and the use of “French” in the premise seems to help establish the scene. I’m tempted to say “A Parisian chanteuse” (or “Parisienne”, if I was going to be fussy) to be even more specific.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m working on a rewrite, and I’ve essentially canned 50K of the original 60K~ story. I’m far more confident with the New Novel, and I’m in possession of a full and detailed outline. Hopefully this time is the charm.

2 thoughts on “Bienvenue and welcome.

  1. Ma cherie, mon canard. Votre blog est tres bien. Hmm…is blog French for blog? I wonder…

    Anywho! Love the blog! Write on, ma petite chou chou. Get this book done and I will shower you with gifts and affection and other forms of adoration.


    • I’ve been working on scene 6 this evening. I had 5K done in the last week, so it’s coming at a good clip.

      (I suspect that the French would probably use the word ‘blog’. They’re keen on sticking English words into French. The Quebecois on the other hand… they’d probably come up with something rather unEnglish.)

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